Comprehensive process of analysis


We are experts in the design and development of product inspection systems with artificial vision. Our technology, experience and knowledge are put to use for your company to optimise production processes and improve efficiency and product quality. We offer you real-time inspection systems to quickly and objectively verify production.

Customized integral solutions

opsis process

We conduct a pre-study on each application, during which the technical viability of the project is determined, in order to arrive at a first approximation of the solution to be adopted. This pre-study is the embryo from which the complete study will develop and which will determine the guidelines to be followed in order to achieve each project’s objectives.


During this phase an exhaustive study is carried out, leading to the design of the system at both the hardware and software levels. We design all the optical hardware, including, if necessary, modifying the lenses and sensors on the cameras. We design all aspects related to the hardware necessary for the completion of the project and we implement the design of the software application appropriately, according to each client’s real time requirements.


Based on the design obtained, we implement the necessary planning and manufacture all the hardware with the support of our specialised partners. We create prototypes, and we test and implement all the software related to the different elements of hardware involved in the project. This work is carried out at our premises.


We move the developed system to the production process where it will have to work. We carry out the installation and initial tests together with the client. We make the necessary changes in order to adapt the system to the normal environment in which it will function and we leave it operational.


We carry out periodic monitoring or maintenance of our system’s installation, from on-site inspections to remote monitoring, depending on the client’s needs.

Case studies